Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner

Product Code: 1664390
30 pages per minute, 3,000 scans per day, 50 sheet ADF
£259.00 £310.80 inc vat


30 Pages Per Minute
Daily Volume
3,000 pages
Maximum Document Size A4
Feeder Capacity 50 Sheets
Connectivity USB 2.0 High Speed; USB 3.0 Compatible
Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Linux Ubuntu
Part Number 1664390

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Capture Documents and Extract Information quickly in Customer-Facing Situations

  • Today, the speed of business transactions is hectic. In many customer-facing situations, businesses need to scan documents and capture information quickly, and move on to the next transaction ... fast!
  • Business representatives at a registration desk may have to scan a mix of paper documents and an ID or account card. It’s important for the representative to keep these items from getting lost or misfiled while the transaction is in process.
  • Scanning should not divert the representative’s attention from the customer in front of him or her. Office managers need their agents to stay focused on customers, completing functional tasks and increasing the number of transactions per day: efficient imaging technology is essential.

A wide range of organizations face these common challenges including: medical office registration desks, bank teller lines, state and municipal government offices, and insurance agencies.



Real-World Situations Addressed and Answered

Small, quiet, quick, and intelligently designed, the Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner is designed for the way you work today.

Capture speed you need

With the “transaction mode” burst speed of the ScanMate i1150 Scanner you can zip through a small stack of documents – including cards – in mere moments. Many transactions involve 10 or fewer documents. The ScanMate i1150 speeds up 60% to capture the first 10 documents in Transaction Mode and then returns to normal speed.1

Convenient card holder

Our built-in card holder helps you keep track of cards – in your sight and your customer’s – while you are scanning documents.

Jam-free operation and Intelligent Document Protection

Intelligent Document Protection “hears” problems and stops scanning instantly to protect and preserve valuable documents. Kodak Alaris’ renowned paper transport technology helps assure jamfree, misfeed-free scanning.



Streamlined Processes, Better Customer Service

  • Seamless, quiet transaction capture lets you focus on customers without being distracted by technology
  • Fast scanning and information extraction keep processes and people moving
  • Better organization for fewer misplaced documents
  • Misfeeds and jams virtually eliminated to save time and hassles


... To Accelerate Business

  • The ultra-compact fits neatly on your desk. And the whisper quiet operation means that you can carry on a conversation with your customer or your co-workers without distraction.
  • Kodak Alaris’ Perfect Page technology includes convenient enhancement functions that improve the image quality of scanned documents
  • Instantly view number of documents scanned, paper-ready status, and apply custom text or icons via display screen
  • Comes with productive Kodak Capture Pro Software Limited Edition and Capture Pro Trial Edition
  • TWAIN, ISIS and Linux driver compatibility
  • 3-year warranty

Icon-based screen and one-push scanning/routing

You’ll love our intuitive, icon-based, color interface that lets you quickly capture and route information to the right places and people. And the Smart Touch feature is one button easy!

Automatic barcode reading

Barcode reading helps make Smart Touch – and other applications – even smarter. The scanner driver reads the barcode value and delivers data to the application for file naming or to separate documents more efficiently.

Kodak Asset Management Software

System administrators can manage and maintain select Kodak Scanners on their network through one easy-to-use solution. Optional Kodak Asset Management Software, featuring a thin client dashboard, optimizes time, budgets, resources, and efficiency. You’ll know more about every scanner and be able to do more across your network.



Hospital Reception

Small, quick and quiet

The Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner fits under a counter or on a desk and is always ready to scan. Transaction mode captures the first ten pages at turbo speed. It scans so quietly you barely hear it, which is ideal when conversing with patients or in busy office environments.

Extremely easy to use

Focus more on visitors and patients and less on office equipment. The i1150 is intuitive and doesn’t require training. The touch sensors are easy to navigate and press.

Scanning tasks selection

Smart Touch and the colour LCD interface deliver a new level of user friendliness. Up to nine scanning tasks can be predefined and associated with colour icons. Just select the image/function desired and touch “scan.”


General Office

Scan small jobs super fast

Transaction scanning usually involves fewer than 10 documents. The i1150 shines in Transaction Mode, capturing the first 10 documents at up to 40 pages per minute.

Truly easy to use

Intuitive, colourful display and sensor buttons make scanning a breeze. Just choose a task and send documents to the right department or process with one “push.” Send to file, Microsoft SharePoint, anyone or anywhere with Smart Touch technology. Barcode recognition helps applications better understand and process documents.

So quiet

It’s whisper quiet when scanning, helping to minimize noise in your office.

One for all documents

A diverse mix of document sizes, types, and thicknesses isn’t a problem for the i1150; it even handles a stack of embossed plastic cards with ease. Optional DIN-A4 and DIN-A3-size flatbeds can handle oversize, fragile, and bound materials, too.

Perfected images, protected documents

Intelligent Document Protection listens for any jams or misfeeds and stops scanning to protect documents. Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection ensures all documents are scanned correctly, while Perfect Page image processing makes scanned images look better than the originals.

Barcode recognition and Perfect Page image processing

Images of scanned documents – even faint originals – look great the first time and every time. No need for rescanning or adjustments. Barcode recognition makes file naming and document separation more efficient in your application.

Handles almost every document and size

No flatbed needed – the ScanMate i1150 captures everything from business cards to DIN-A4 pages, even credit cards. It is excellent for capturing visitor IDs, credentials, forms and correspondence.

Productivity. Assured.

Only Kodak Alaris offers essential services to ensure the optimal operation of your scanning solution at time of installation and beyond. The three year worry-free warranty puts Kodak Alaris knowledge to work for you helping your Kodak ScanMate i1150 Scanner to satisfy your evolving business process needs for years to come.


Transaction Mode: Scans 40 ppm for first 10 pages only - then resumes scanning at 25 ppm