Panasonic KV-S5046H Scanner

Product Code: KV-S5046H
80 pages per minute; 25,000 scans per day; 300 sheet ADF
£1,786.00 £2,143.20 inc vat



High-speed colour scanner

  • 100ppm/200ipm scan speed
  • Duplex colour scanning - business card to A3 size
  • Innovative paper-feed mechanism with stapled document detection, ultrasonic double-feed detection
    and mechanical deskew
  • Long paper mode and accurate feeding for mixed document
  • High-volume, 300-page ADF
  • Self cleaning functions
  • Daily duty cycle: 35,000 pages/day

Reduce the cost and effort of mixed document scanning with new ToughFeed technology.


Hardware image processing ensures accurate processing, document control and scanning quality.

Easy use

Auto cropping, auto binary/colour detection, auto blank page skip, auto brightness and scanning speed-up make operation efficient and straightforward.


Software features such as AutoRescan and AutoPreview are available with the new scanners, allowing users to select the most suitable image for their needs in just one click.

Stapled document detection

The KV-S5076H features multiple sensors which detect various types of stapled documents, and to immediately stop the scanner when a staple is detected. Staples are quickly detected in any location, minimising damage to both the document and the optical glass.

Ultrasonic double-feed detection

Ultrasonic sensors accurately detect double feeding, even when scanning documents of various thicknesses. When detected, the ultrasonic sensor prevents double-feeding by immediately stopping the scanning process.

Superior rollers

Paper-feed rollers separate from the paper each time a sheet is fed, so the tendency to double-feed caused by the paper-feed roller pressure is reduced, even when feeding paper of different thicknesses.